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Stylight is the world’s leading online search platform for Fashion, Beauty and Design. We help users search through more than 1.300 online shops at once, and compare the prices of more than 27 million products.

We are based in Munich, Germany and have been operating for more than 10 years, in 16 different markets worldwide. Our platform is visited every month by 12 million unique users, whose shopping behaviour is regularly analysed to identify the most popular brands, products and trends online.

We share the insight collected from our users on Stylight Insights, a dedicated page for press and industry experts, where we publish data-driven reports based on the real-time shopping data gathered from our millions of users. Our data enables us to predict seasonal trends and measure the impact of news-worthy events on online shoppers.


Our partner shops include the world’s biggest brands & retailers

Stylight is visited by 12 million unique users worldwide every month. We regularly extrapolate relevant fashion insights by analysing the shopping behaviour of our users, and employ the results as the source of our Stylight Insights reports.

Our partner shops include globally renowned retailers and world-class brands. This enables us to measure the interaction of our users with both luxury labels such as Gucci and Off-White, and online retailers such as Amazon or Asos.

Stylight carries over 27 million products worldwide. Our products range from fashion, to beauty and home decor. From swimwear to lipsticks, from furniture to high-end bags, we’ve got it all.

Online users can browse and shop via Stylight in 16 different global markets. This allows us to fine-tune our analysis based on specific countries and locales. There’s no doubt about it: French users shop differently than German, Mexican or American!

Stylight users are mainly female, representing 67% of our total customer base. Male shoppers are still an important quota, representing 33% of our users.

Most of our shoppers are between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, while 21% are between 35 and 44 years old.

In 2019 we generated $545 million in GMV for our partner shops globally.

Top 5
Our top 5 markets are Germany, US, France, Netherlands and United Kingdom (Stylight 2019 Revenue).


We offer a wide range of various reporting types, split according to their specific focus and use case. This includes: recaps, as a recollection of data from a previous time-frame; trend forecasts; celebrity impact measurements; category specific reportings (beauty); co-branded analyses together with external partners. Each report type is covered in detail in the following sections.

Our reports


What was the most clicked fashion brand of the year? Which were the most searched sustainable labels of the season? Or what was the average price of the most popular sneakers on Black Friday? We are able to look back into our data, to tell you exactly which brands or products were trending during a specific time-frame. This can be over a specific weekend, like Black Friday, or over a season, or even a whole year, as in the case of our annual report, the Stylight Fashion Recap.

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Trend Forecasts

Fashion changes fast, and online shoppers are as fast. Before the next season arrives, our customers are already searching for a special garment to add to their wardrobes. These anticipated searches impact the interest and traffic rates on specific styles and brands, allowing us to predict which trends will be popular for the upcoming season.

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Celebrity Impact

There’s no way of denying that a-list celebrities like Meghan Markle or Kendall Jenner have an influence on us when it comes to fashion. We’ve all heard this before: as soon as Kate Middleton wears a coat, it sells out in a matter of hours. Measuring the impact that influencers have on online shoppers can be a bit tricky: but thanks to the purchasing data of our 12 million monthly users, we can exactly determine the influence that celebrity fashion choices have on the purchasing behaviour of our shoppers.

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With a cult-like devotion to “It” products, and sudden hype around make-up and skincare brands, it’s hard to understand what beauty fanatics are actually shopping these days. Lucky for you, we can. Stylight carries over 100,000 beauty products, ranging from make-up, to skincare and hair-care. This allows us to have insight on online shoppers’ preferences and purchasing behaviour when it comes to perfumes, foundations, moisturizers and more.

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Co-Branded Reports

Stylight is already a trusted partner for over thousands of shops: so why not join forces with other online shops? We have leveraged our relationship with our partners, and co-created reports together with online shops as well as external partners, to provide new perspectives to our analysis and strengthen our data.

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Stylight NOW

On Stylight NOW we share with you instant insights about how our 12 million monthly shoppers react to breaking news, events, celebrity styles or special sales.

Was it JLo-s dress or Meghan Markle’s coat to drive clicks and searches on Stylight? What was the top clicked sneaker this week? On Stylight NOW we tell you in real-time what’s trending now.

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Are you writing an article and would like to support your news angle with trustworthy industry data? We’ve got exactly what you need. By deep diving into the shopping behaviour of our 12 million monthly users, we can produce data reports tailored to your specific needs, to answer your questions about products, brands and trends. Feel free to reach out any time for your ad-hoc requests, completely free of charge.

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