Stylight in Numbers

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Stylight in numbers: +470m€ Sales generated GMV 2018
12 million monthly users on Stylight
Top 5 markets on Stylight - according to Revenue
Stylight numbers: 100+ employees
Stylight numbers: 20+ nationalities

Stylight’s International Takeover

Stylights international takeover

A Global Evolution of Products and Online Shops
on Stylight

Stylight product shop evolution last 10 years

Shops live on Stylight: Our biggest milestones

Biggest shop milestones on Stylight

The US Case History

US product numbers: 50% Fashion products
US product numbers: 50% Home & Living products
New: Beauty products on Stylight US

Online Shop and Product Evolution
on Stylight US

US product shop evolution on Stylight
Stylight milestones in the US