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 more clicks for the sportswear category in 2020

Sportswear in 2020: the year that changed activewear

It is safe to say that 2020 has forever changed our relationship to sports, and therefore, to activewear. Lockdown measures have inspired more people to focus on their overall health and keep fit at home, via remote workout classes; and as home office has turned into the new norm for many, we’ve basically switched our office-wear outfits for something more comfy and casual. We’ve seen it in the data: to date, on Stylight we’ve registered a +55% increase in clicks on sportswear vs 2019.

So we were curious to find out not only which sports are now on the rise in the era of social distancing, but also which trends have dominated sportswear overall. We’ve also checked which essential equipment pieces in running shoes, fitness watches, and sports bras were the most in demand of 2020. Let’s get active!



2020 has been definitely a stressful year, so we are not surprised to see that the sport that has gained the most popularity so far is yoga: we’ve registered +300% clicks on yoga wear vs 2019. This is a no brainer: not only is yoga great for overall health and relaxation, it is also something you can easily do at home, while social distancing, and, why not, even via Zoom-classes. (Let’s also add that yoga pants are great for home-office on the couch as well). The big outdoors is also proven popular: hiking and running clothing have also risen in demand, again being activities optimal for stress-release in isolation.

These trends have also been confirmed by personal training app Freeletics: the results of the app’s 2020 survey have shown that 19% of respondents have tried yoga for the first time during the lockdown, 36% have instead discovered running and 29% opted for hiking.



In athleisure this year we’re witnessing a nostalgic return to retro styles and brands: we’ve seen a whopping +236% spike in clicks this year for bright hues, flashy logos, and the rise of 90s staple sportswear brands, like Champion, Ellesse, Fila and co.

more clicks on retro sportswear in 2020



Pantone calls this hue “Tangerine Tango” , maybe because this color kinda puts you in the mood to dance. This joyful shade has been everywhere in athleisure this year, from leggings to bras and logo detailing. 

more clicks for bright tangerine sportswear in 2020



Definitely the hero of 2020, this retro print beloved by GenZ has taken over fashion, and is just as popular in sportswear, with clicks on tie dye items growing tenfold. 

over +1000%
more clicks on tie dye athleisure in 2020



With a +619% increase in clicks in 2020 compared to 2019, cropped light-weight jackets are definitely in, with brands from high-performance to urban-wear offering their take on this trend.

Clicks YoY in Cropped Training Jackets


At the top of our top clicked running shoes are two models by mega-brand Asics, with the unisex Contend 6 GS shoe coming in in first place, a neutral sneaker perfect for beginners, followed by the Gel-Sonoma 4 GTX model, designed for difficult terrains and mountain trails. In third place we have the Speed 300 Racer 2 by Puma, specifically designed for high intensity running. Stylight users clearly prefer models with specific designs to meet their needs, and for that they are willing to invest: the average price of our top 150 running shoes is $109.

Average Price of Top 150 Running Shoes




Contend 6 GS by Asics


Gel-Sonoma 4 GTX by Asics


Speed 300 Racer 2 by Puma


Fitness watches are a great way to keep track of your fitness level and make sure you reach your fitness goals. The most clicked watch? It’s the affordable Forerunner 30 GPS Watch by Garmin, that for under $130 will monitor your heart rate, tracks calories and steps and can even connect to your phone for call & text notifications. At second place we have the Fenix 5X Saphir, also by Garmin, described as the “ultimate mulit-sport GPS watch”: on top of standard features, it can monitor your blood-oxygen saturation levels to support advanced sleep monitoring, and has a contactless payment feature. The third most popular watch is the Polar Ignite, a waterproof fitness watch with advanced wrist-based heart rate monitor and integrated GPS.

Average Price of Top 150 Fitness Watches


Forerunner 30 Watch by Garmin


Fenix 5X Saphir Watch by Garmin


Ignite Watch by Polar


When playing sports, wearing the right bra is just as important as wearing the right shoes. Depending on the intensity of the workout and sport, users are opting either for high-comfort bras (for yoga, for example) or for running bras with optimal support functions. However, the n.1 clicked bra is a multi-sport model by UK-based Shock Absorber; it is followed by low-support, super-stretchy Nike Indy Logo bra, and in 3rd place, the super stylish Nobu Energy bra from sportswear brand Koral.

Average Price of Top 150 Sports Bras


Multi-Sports Bra by Shock Absorber


Indy Logo Bra by Nike


Nobu Energy Sports Bra by Koral


The data in this report is based on the analysis of the purchasing behaviour of our 12 million monthly Stylight users across our international platforms. Timeframe selected for analysis is from January 1, 2020 to July 21, 2020, and compared to the same time period in 2019.

In addition, the results of a representative study conducted by Freeletics on a sample of 1,500 German interviewees served as a supplement to our report. The external data is duly referenced in the text.

written by:

Clara Del Genio

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