The Caro Daur Effect

Measuring the impact of one of fashion’s most influential it-girls

With over 2 million followers on Instagram and countless sponsorship deals with high-end labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Dior and Valentino, Caroline Daur is one of the hottest names in fashion right now.

There is no doubt that the Hamburg native is one of the top-tier influencers of the moment. But how much added value can international fashion brands expect when investing in expensive collaborations with the german influencer? What economic value can fashion and beauty labels capture by working with her? 

Diving deeper, there is the question of Caro Daur’s impact on actual shoppers. Do her 2.2 million followers actually draw inspiration from her looks? Does her social media activity really drive online shoppers to search for and purchase the products she wears? 

Here at fashion search platform Stylight were keen to find out. We teamed up with marketing and data analysis agency Launchmetrics to answer these questions through the power of data.

While Launchmetrics determined the Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) of five Insta-posts from Caro, we dived deep into the shopping behaviour of our 12 million monthly users, to measure the commercial impact that Caro has on our online shoppers.

Caro Daur’s Impact On


We measured the economic value Caro Daur created for the brands she has sponsored on her Instagram profile. Together with Launchmetrics, we analysed the Media Impact Value™ that these brands gained through her social media activity. On top, Stylight measured the commercial impact she had on these brands, in the form of increase in customer clicks on these labels in the days following her posts.


Caro Daur Insta-posts are seen and liked by millions across the globe. For this reason, we decided to find out whether online shoppers were actually inspired to buy the looks Caro wears. How we did it? We collected the clicks on the specific trends she wore in her photos, and checked if their number grew within 1-2 days of the post going live.

Stylight-Caro Daur Report-Prada-ENG

This Caro post featuring an outfit by Prada registered a Media Impact Value™ of over $50,000. On Stylight, clicks on Prada products increased by 51% in just 48h since the post was published.

Short sleeved sweaters, one of the trends Caro is wearing in the post, also peaked, with an incredible increase in clicks of 229% in just 48h on this category.

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Stylight-Caro Daur Report-Etro-ENG

The Etro sponsored post registered an impressive MIV® of over $49,000: however, the impact on online shoppers was comparatively not as strong, with only an +18% increase in clicks on Etro products after 48h of the post going live.

On the trend side, both boyfriend blazers and shorts, which Caro is wearing in the picture, registered an increase, with respectively +35% and +61% more clicks within 48h of post publication.

Stylight-Caro Daur Report-Paco-Rabanne-ENG

This post, featuring a glittery floral suit by Paco Rabanne, determined an MIV® of approximately $47,000. The outfit also made a lasting impression on our users, with clicks on Paco Rabanne products almost doubling (+94%) within 48h.

Although “flower-power-suit” does not exist on Stylight, we did register an increase of +58% on suits globally.

Stylight-Caro Daur Report-Louis-ENG

Caro’s influence on brands is major, when you consider that this post sponsoring Louis Vuitton registered an MIV® of  $94,310, and clicks on Stylight on Louis Vuitton products increased by a whopping Stylight the clicks on Louis Vuitton products increased by 123% after only 24 hours.

Bodycon dresses also registered a positive impact, with clicks on Stylight increasing by +58% globally.

Stylight-Caro Daur Report-Nina-Ricci-ENG

This post featuring Nina Ricci registered an amazing Media Impact Value™ of over $80,000. On Stylight, interest for the brand sored, with clicks increasing by +54% after only 2 days.

This white coat was a winner, considering we could determine a +53% growth in clicks on white coats within 48h of the post.

About This Report

All Stylight data published in this report, including clicks on brands and trends, derives from the analysis of the shopping behaviour of the 12 million monthly users that visit our website worldwide.

Further information about the algorithm for the Launchmetrics MIV® can be found here.

written by:

Clara Del Genio

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