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10 years of online shopping: What we’ve learned

Every month, over 12 million people start their search for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products on Stylight. Knowing and understanding online shoppers is our bread and butter, it’s what we’re built on. For more than 10 years, Stylight has positioned itself as a leading inspiration source and search engine for online shopping.

We have more than 27 million products from over 1,200 trusted partner shops, spanning across 16 unique global markets. From the most luxurious and famous brands to unique local retailers, our customer and partner range have allowed us the opportunity to take an in-depth look at consumer behaviour over the past decade.

From Moschino to Scotch & Soda, desktop to mobile usage, this report presents the most significant technological and fashion trend changes from 2008 to the present day. Which brands do Brits come back to time and time again? What sneakers can be found in closets across the UK?


In addition to analyzing millions of our shoppers worldwide through our database, our online magazine and social networks give us a great indication of what consumers are browsing for, clicking on, and sharing with their own networks.

The Stylight 10 Years Report focuses on four of our European markets: Germany, the UK, France, and Italy, in addition to our 12 other global markets. And because we wanted to go one step further, we surveyed 2,000 shoppers and asked them about their online shopping habits. Where do they shop? How do they find inspiration?

This comprehensive report will show you exactly who is shopping online, when and what they’re buying.

What does the Stylight shopper look like?

Who is shopping online?

Global age range of users on Stylight

UK millennials are leading the charge

UK millennials are embracing the technological revolution.

Nearly 30% of Stylight shoppers in the United Kingdom are between the ages of 25 and 34, 12% more than Gen X (ages 35-44), the next closest age group.

Shoppers between 18-24 and 45-54 make up 15% (each) of Stylight users, between the ages of 55-64 account for nearly 12%, and people 65+ are slightly less than 10%.

Gender of users on Stylight

Do women really shop more than men?

Well, it depends on who you ask. According to Stylight internal numbers, women account for 69% of the global user base (62% in the UK), but B2B platform FashionUnited and communications group DDB Worldwide’s figures state otherwise. In fact, both external studies report that not only are more men shopping online, but they’re spending more money. According to FashionUnited men spend 26% more on average than women and 40% of men in the United States, aged 18-34, say they would “ideally buy everything online,” compared to just 33% of women (DDB).

So what gives? We asked some of our partner shops and survey participants and learned that while men may take the initial “Add to Cart” plunge faster than their female counterparts, women spend far more time on inspirational platforms, like Instagram, Pinterest, or Stylight, before committing to an item.

Stylight mobile vs desktop use

Mobile vs. Desktop

It may not need saying, but mobile-based shopping is growing faster than ever. Between 2013 and 2018, Stylight saw a 237.18% increase in mobile traffic (on both smartphones and tablets) in comparison to the growth of desktop-only shoppers. While 20.63% of consumers started their online search on mobile in 2013, that figure has more than tripled to 69.56% in 2018.

A Sunday well spent

Brits spend more time online shopping on Sunday’s compared to every other day of the week, according to internal Stylight numbers. And it’s not just the UK: On average, the heaviest traffic day across all 16 Stylight markets is Sunday.

On the other hand, Friday is the quietest days for online traffic, both in the UK and globally (except for Black Friday that is).

Move over Christmas, Black Friday is the most wonderful time of the year

Brits love their Black Friday sales. Since 2013, Black Friday weekend (Black Friday through Cyber Monday) has consistently been one of the busiest shopping periods for Stylight users. And we’re not alone: According to PWC, 69% of Black Friday goers shop on mobile or desktop, versus only 26% who make it to the store. In 2018, men spent an average of £264 and women doled out £203, PWC found.

Do you want more insights on our users?

Cities for Online Shoppers

UK Top Cities for online shopping on Stylight

Top Cities in the UK:

  1. London
  2. Birmingham
  3. Glasgow
  4. Manchester
  5. Liverpool
Germany Top Cities for online shopping on Stylight

Top Cities in Germany:

  1. Berlin
  2. Munich
  3. Hamburg
  4. Cologne
  5. Frankfurt
France Top Cities for online shopping on Stylight

Top Cities in France:

  1. Paris
  2. Lyon
  3. Toulouse
  4. Marseille
  5. Bordeaux
Italy Top Cities for online shopping on Stylight

Top Cities in Italy:

  1. Milan
  2. Rome
  3. Naples
  4. Turin
  5. Florence

The Shopping Evolution

When Stylight UK was launched in January 2013, peplum tops, blanket scarves, and Nike Air Max sneakers flooded street style blogs and high street shops across the country.

Six years after its launch, we’re able to analyze what products people were searching for the most each year, and which brands Brits were, and continue to lust over.

From 2013 to 2018, these were the most-searched-for products for UK shoppers.

Most wanted products
on Stylight

Most wanted fashion items per year - Stylight UK


Searches for Nike Air Max sneakers dominated the first year of the UK market and, to date, the brands’ popularity continues to soar. According to a report done by Statista, Nike is the no.1 brand in the global sneaker market. With annual footwear sales of more than $21 billion USD, the athletic retailer is a favourite among both men and women of all age groups.


As one of the most pervasive brands on the sneaker market, Converse was the most-searched-for footwear brand among Stylight shoppers in 2014. In 2018, the global revenue of Nike’s affiliate brand was $1.89 billion USD.


Adidas Superstar sneakers topped Stylight search charts in 2015. The adidas Group announced in their 2015 Annual Report that more than 15 million pairs of Superstars were sold that year, making it the top-selling sneaker of the year.


The adidas Group launched their now-iconic Tubular Shadow and Tubular Instinct sneakers in 2016 and found instant success with Stylight shoppers. Since their 2014 revival, the adidas Tubular sneakers can be found on the who’s who of the fashion world and streetwear scene.


Jumping away from sneakers, the most-search-for product on Stylight in 2017 was from the French luxury brand J.M. Weston. Production of the Wingtip Brogues continue to take place at a single factory in Limoges, France and are made using traditional technique and tanning processes.


With 2018 came the overnight success of Balenciaga’s Speed trainers. Millennials and men were searching for these £495 sneakers more than anything else this year. From James Harden and Hailey Baldwin, to fashion influencers and YouTubers, sneakerheads across the UK couldn’t stop searching for the Balenciaga shoes.

Most wanted brands
on Stylight

Most wanted brands per year - Stylight UK
Alexander Aidan Stylight Fashion 2018

Aidan Alexander wears a Scotch & Soda jacket during New York Fashion Week in February 2016.

UK Fashion influencer wearing Moschino

Helena Bordon in Moschino at Milan Fashion Week in September 2014.

Anson Lau Fashion 2018 - Stylight

Anson Lau wearing an Off-White strap at Paris Fashion Week in September 2017.


Most wanted colors
from 2008 until 2018

Global color evolution - color trends online fashion shopping on Stylight

About Stylight

Founded in 2008, Stylight is an online search engine for fashion and design. With 27 million products available from 1,200 different partner shops, Stylight’s 16 global markets attract more than 12 million unique visitors each month. Stylight is not an online store, but an inspiration and aggregation platform that allows shoppers to price compare products and proceed with their order with one easy click. More than a search engine, the Stylight online magazine offers the best in beauty, fashion, and home & living articles. Our online community is composed of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest with more than 520k followers, collectively. Stylight is based in Munich, Germany, with offices in Philadelphia, USA.

About this report

To produce this report, we analyzed our 12 million unique monthly users, their profiles, and their searches. We looked at the Stylight pages where users spend their time, magazine articles they read, and social media links they clicked on, as well as the products that generated the highest traffic (clicks and sales by our partner websites). In our internal database, we have the ability to filter by brand, product type, colour and pattern, price, etc. With tools like Google Analytics, we were able to determine user profiles, including their age, gender, and country of origin. In addition, we analyzed Google Trends, conducted a B2C survey with 2,000 participants from Germany, the UK, Italy, and France, and used other external studies to complement our own research.

written by:

Kayla Kuefler

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