Stylight NOW - 09/21/2020


increase in search interest for "Gucci Jackie" on Google Trends since the beginning of July

gucci jackie bag

The iconic Gucci Jackie bag is making a comeback… for women- and menswear

Gucci’s Alessandro Michele is bringing back an icon for fall 2020: we’re talking about the Jackie bag. For its 2020 update, the it-bag is now not only embellished with contemporary details.. it is also meant to be worn by anyone, regardless of gender identity (because yes, it’s 2020). It has been spotted on the shoulder of none other than Gucci muse Harry Styles a few days ago in London (making us fall in love with him even more). Searches for the Gucci Jackie bag are soaring on Google: interest for the search term “ Gucci Jackie” has increased by +223% since the beginning of July globally. On Stylight, we also reported an +53% increase in clicks for Gucci worldwide from July to August 2020.


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