Stylight NOW - 03/10/2020


brands register peaks in clicks after Meghan wears these labels for her last Royal duties


Meghan’s Last Public Appearances As a Royal Leave an Impact on Online Shoppers

Meghan Markle has served her very last duties as a royal, after she and Harry announced their split from Buckingham Palace earlier this year. Her role as a fashion influencer, however, is far from being over: her 3 last outfits made a lasting impression on online shoppers, so much so that the 3 brands she chose to wear for her last Royal outings all registered a peak in clicks in just 24h of the event.  On March 5th, Meghan wore a blue Victoria Beckham dress for a charity event in London, and only 24 hours later we reported a 242% increase in clicks on Victoria Beckham products worldwide on Stylight. Her second viral outfit, the bright red long dress by Safiyaa, also left its mark on our users: we reported a +126% increase in clicks on the label on Stylight globally. Lastly, the emerald green cape-dress by Emilia Wickstead she wore on Commonwealth day had users click +120% more on the brand in even less then 24h.


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