What Our Partners Want: Survey Main Takeaways and Next Steps

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A couple of months ago, our CEO Julian von Eckartsberg was telling you all about the importance of your feedback when it comes to shaping Stylight’s future tools and features. We can’t thank you enough for your participation: we were amazed to see how many of you took the time to answer our questions, and we are definitely pleased to see what a great collaboration we have developed with all of you! We carefully went through the survey results, collecting many valuable inputs regarding what, according to you, makes us special, and of course where you still see room for improvement and development. We’ve spent the beginning of the year analyzing the results and putting an action plan in place based on your feedback, and would now like to share with you what we’ve learned and what’s to come on Stylight for you.

What makes Stylight special

First things first, we wanted to understand what makes us special in the eyes of our partners, and it appears that our added value does not only lie in the quality of our traffic, but most importantly in the expertise of our people. Our account managers indeed seem to have won you over, thanks to their useful business inputs, top-notch service, or maybe even simply because of their enthusiasm.

Second good news for us: our users. A majority of you indeed rated the share of new users and additional traffic volume provided by Stylight better than the one of other metasearch engine platforms. So in sum, combine top-notch account management with high traffic quality, and you get the best metasearch engine in the market, us! Why are we so sure about that? Well, just look at our partners’ investment share for Stylight compared to other metasearch engines: our partners allocated 54% of their metasearch engine budget to Stylight only.

What is next on Stylight?

Now, let’s get into the most important part: what is to come for you on Stylight? At Stylight, we thrive to accelerate the achievement of our partners’ goals, offering you tailored solutions using our innovative technology and a deep understanding of our users. We therefore have pretty exciting projects/improvements in the pipeline, and that thanks to your feedback. Here are some features coming next:

  • Do you remember our tracking pixel, one of Stylight’s campaign optimization tools? Many of you shared ideas and suggestions in order to improve this tool, and we’re currently working on very cool upgrades that should facilitate its technical implementation on your side, and most importantly, give you more transparency when it comes to accessing the data and optimizing your feed and campaign accordingly.
  • What if we told you that Stylight could enable you to unleash your online shop’s full business potential and steer traffic on your website by providing you with deeper data insights and benchmarks on your campaigns? That’s a pretty cool feature that we’re currently developing and will be excited to present more about it soon.

As we collected so many valuable inputs from the survey, we still need some time to put the data together, prioritize and develop even more features for you. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we’re definitely on our way to develop and deliver the most useful tools and services for you. We are looking forward to sharing more insights with you soon!

written by:

Soline Demenois

Lead Partner Marketing Manager

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