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Dear Partner,

If I had to think about one word which makes the difference in times like these it would be positivity. We have never been confronted with such fears, worries, limitations and uncertainties all at once and yet everyone deals with them very differently. Some feel anger, while others feel a sense of powerlessness, but I believe that those who face the current situation head-on, actively shaping their lives and seeing the positives will emerge stronger from this crisis. Because regardless of a pandemic or not, it is often the little things in life that bring us moments of happiness. This rings true, more now than ever before.

Things like a delicious breakfast, a relaxing yoga session or an inspiring book (such as those in my book selection below) which give me a feeling of happiness and gratitude. Moreover, these current limitations have also led to me & those around me exploring new things that none of us would have ever thought could be fun.

For example, instead of going to the Italian restaurant around the corner with friends one Saturday evening, we held a mini Olympics at home including sports, quiz questions and a blind taste test. All things that months ago, I would never tried out at home.

Yes, it requires creativity, optimism, discipline and also a bit of lightheartedness, but this can create new & extraordinary moments!

With that being said, here are my picks for starting off your year off on the right foot:

  1. It Starts With Food by Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Hartwig
  2. The Kitchen Counter Cooking School by Kathleen Flinn

  3. The Yoga of Breath by Richard Rosen

  4. My Morning Routine by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander

  5. The Power of Less by Leo Babauta

  6. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

  7. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

  8. What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam

Wishes for a wonderful holiday season & positive start to the New Year!

All the best,



written by:

Anne Startup

Jr. Partner Marketing Manager

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