“Inspire” and “Sell” are not enemies: How can shoppable content help your business grow?

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Did you know that when people hear good stories, their brain releases oxytocin which as a result, makes them spend 56% more money? Or that 77% of users who viewed a shoppable site found it easier to navigate and 66% of them got enough information to make a purchase decision? Looking at these numbers, it’s quite clear that shoppable content can be a valuable asset and revenue booster for businesses. Let us show you why the road from inspiration to conversion is shorter than you think.

First things first: let us tell you a bit more about shoppable content

Even though stories accompanied products long before content marketing became a trend, they were never fully integrated in the shopping process. The most recent shoppable content technologies and strategies emerged when businesses realised they had to satisfy a prompt purchasing desire that inspiring content (such as the one that you read in fashion magazines) creates in the hearts of readers.

It’s with this idea in mind that, back in 2014, we at Stylight launched our own shoppable magazine. Noticing that users do not take too much time anymore to consume content, yet consume content whenever they have time, we saw a lot of potential in shoppable content. By reducing the number of steps users have to take between inspiration and purchase, we manage to acquire additional traffic on our own platform with our shoppable content, but, most importantly, to boost traffic on our partner shops’ websites.

The result? In the blink of an eye, we turn qualified readers into buyers.

Users do not take too much time anymore to consume content, yet consume content whenever they have time.”

What do users want?

They say “Content is King”, but there are definitely some differences when this concept is applied to retailers and e-commerce companies.

We mentioned it above: people’s time is limited, and wasting it on irrelevant content won’t do you any favours when it comes to user satisfaction. So what is the recipe for successful and valuable shoppable content when you belong to the e-commerce industry? Here are four tips for you:

  • Break the back of the work for your users with a hand-picked selection: Pay great attention to your product selection. Shoppable content is not just text placed next to your products feed. That’s another (old) story. It’s curated and it has to ensure that the product selection is perfectly on target.
  • Help them expand their knowledge: Users are curious and want to be inspired. No matter your business, providing your users with upcoming trends will be successful in getting them to read your content. For lifestyle businesses such as fashion, beauty, or home decor, one way to go would be to show them how to copy the look they’ve seen on Instagram.
  • Answer their questions: Pairing shoppable content with how-to guides will allow you to leverage moments when readers have the highest intent to purchase. Use all your SEO skills to know exactly what people are looking for and minimize their doubts. The step to their next purchase will be closer than you think.
  • Help them save time: The fewer steps there are between inspiration and purchase, the happier your customers will be. And remember: happy customers could spend 56% more money on your website!

What do brands & retailers want?

The launch of our magazine back in 2014 was just the beginning of our shoppable content strategy. Once our knowledge of successful content was strengthened, the next step was to use it to give special visibility to our partner shops. We, therefore, developed solutions in order to answer our partners’ most important needs:

  • Brand image boost
  • New users acquisition: brands & retailers are always eager to acquire new users that they are struggling to attract through traditional shopping channels
  • Push special sales or collections in a creative way
  • Gain special visibility during highly competitive seasons (i.e. Black Friday)
  • And of course, ROI (in sales and traffic growth)!

With these needs at heart, our product offering grew from one magazine to a portfolio of almost 10 solutions to help our partners grow. For us, merging our knowledge about what users want and what brands & retailers want was proven to be very successful for our partners; so successful, that in 2019, 40% of partner shops which booked a paid shoppable content placement, rebooked at least one more.

written by:

Ilenia Sarman

Head of Brand & Content Marketing at Stylight

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