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Stylight is the world’s leading online search platform for Fashion, Beauty and Design, with over 1,500 partner shops across 16 global markets. Here, we’re sharing the insights of our 120 million yearly shoppers with you.

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Stylight Insights is a dedicated page for press and industry experts, where we publish data-driven reports from real-time shopping data gathered from our 120 million yearly users. On Stylight Insights we also share all the latest news about the fashion and lifestyle industry and upcoming e-commerce and affiliate marketing trends, coming from our 10 years of expertise in the business.

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On Stylight NOW we share with you instant insights about how our 120 million yearly shoppers react to breaking news, events, celebrity styles or special sales. Was it JLo-s dress or Meghan Markle’s coat to drive clicks and searches on Stylight? What was the top clicked sneaker this week? On Stylight NOW we tell you in real-time what’s trending now.

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Trend Reports

Our data driven reports are produced by analysing the search and purchasing behaviour of our 120 million yearly users, allowing us to predict seasonal trends or measure the effect of news-worthy events on shoppers. Trend forecasts, consumer behaviour reports, influencer & celebrity endorsement impact: you’ll find this and more.

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With over 10 years of collaboration with the world’s leading brands and retailers, Stylight’s expertise in fashion, lifestyle, and affiliate marketing is now well established. Our collaboration with more than 1,500 partner-shops enables us to understand the industry at depth and identify upcoming trends within e-commerce and digital marketing. Find here what our industry experts have to say.

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